Customer Reviews


Yensy Partier ---- Belgium

 Josh does a great job on translating a customers dream or design to a fantastic piece of art. Not so many 'custom' makers, are truly custom. Josh is, because you don't just pick from 5 pre-chewed models, you can actually send in you're own drawing, and he will make ik work!   Since i've been working with him, my other fixed blades found new homes. I don't know how he does it, but he walks a very thin line of balancing art and function. Also the standard leather sheaths he makes are something that sets him apart from most other makers imo.   Most of all he's a great guy to work with. He truly cares to make a customer happy, and is so patient in answering the many questions.  I can't wait to have one of his next creations.

Lloyd and Cathy Bulman ---- Buckner, MI

 The first knife my husband, Lloyd Bulman, received is a bush craft knife. He uses it for batoning, feather sticking, etc. Extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail! The second knife he received is a Toro (fitting since our last name is Bulman and Toro means bull!) This is an incredible knife as well. Josh Navarrete is extremely talented, seems to have an innate understanding of the features and workmanship that his customers require and he is simply an all-around great guy! Two thumbs way up, Josh!!! 

Gabriel Roa ---- Campbell CA

 Josh does superb work! I asked for a modified Alpha and he delivered exactly what I wanted and more. His prices are amazing considering the quality materials you get. The balance of the knife is excellent and it has been my go to ever since. Thank you Josh! 

Jayson Parker

I just got my first knife from Josh Navarrete absolutely amazing man I could not say enough about this beautiful knife way better than I ever had hoped for 

Joe Babb

I am a proud owner of one of Josh's knives and waiting on my second. Take a look at his work you will not be disappointed.



Jeff Hodgkin

I was fortunate enough to see some of Josh Navarrete's works on a FB page. Since then, I've purchased six knives from Josh. I've been extremely pleased with each one, along with the custom sheaths he creates. I enjoy carrying each one, from the larger Venom to the smallest neck knife. Josh is extremely professional and backs up his work. He's quick to answer any questions I might have, and willing to share his knowledge. My son also appreciated the t-shirt he included with our latest purchase